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SXSW 2016: policy, privacy, and the president – An eyewitness account

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Digital Ethics Book Project Reflection Format

SXSW 2016: policy, privacy, and the president – An eyewitness account

Kate Baucherel

April 5th, 2016





First Impression:

I think it has something to do with privacy issues regarding the president.



 "Building engagement and public trust in government tech is a priority"


Reflection Proper:

I believe that the problem they see can be and will be and might be problem here in the Philippines. The president of the United States of America, Obama said that there must be improvements on the technology. According to the article, in Texas, one cannot register to vote. Here in the Philippines, one cannot do as well. One must have his fingerprint placed into the system, and a physical presence must be there. In recent events, we were linked into a bank crime by hackers, and the article is pushing on having a better and more secure system where the government can use. In other countries, one can register online for voting and for even some places, one can vote online. This can only be done if people have one, people are registered in a one and unified government system, and two, the system must be full proof where no hacks of multiple citizens are made by just one.


It is weird that the government pushed Apple into making a back door. Yes, it can help the case of the attacker of the San Bernardino, but if Apple did it, then what is stopping FBI into snooping in everyone's data. Now, Apple fought their right and they prevailed because they did not have to do it, but for me, society failed when FBI bought a software that did what they wanted and Apple still doesn't know if they can patch it, so meaning, the government has the power to snoop.

5 Things That I've learned:

SXSW is South by Southwest.

SXSW has been held for 30 years.

For the first time, it was the president who host the SXSW.

In UK, one cannot register to vote online.

FBI bought a software for the San Bernanrdino case.


5 Integrative Questions:

What is privacy?

What is policy?

How will we make our system secure?

How will the government make sure our privacy is retained?

How will the government be ethical?


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