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Is Ad-blocking Theft

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Digital Ethics Book Project Reflection Format

Is Ad-blocking Theft

Holly Richmond

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015



Theft Theft


First Impression:

I think it has something to do with adblocking as a form of theft.





Reflection Proper:

I personally use ad block way before Google Chrome was here. I have been ad blocking since Netscape and this topic hit me right hard. According to the article, less than half of the millennials pay for "music, cable TV, or video games", and I am a millennial. There are numerous ways into getting stuff for free, some borrow or ask from their friend, while others lead to illegal ways such as torrenting. Millennials do know their way around into getting to what they want so when one pays for a service, he expects quality and non obstructive service, but nowadays, these service providers are cunning. They start by slowly adding minute advertisements into the service such as Hulu. It started as a video streaming service without advertisements but now even the paid supposed to be "non-ad" subscription has ads. Recently, YouTube announced their Red subscription. For the longest time, YouTube is the video streaming website we go to, but in this pass years, they have slowly added 30 second advertisements right before the video and a lot are complaining thus the Red subscription is released.


Advertising is not wrong but with the way advertisers are doing it has to change because people do not like the way they are doing it. So much subtly in the way a product is being advertised and somehow it is not working. Even in movies, product placement has been a sensitive topic. Others are okay with it but a lot are distracted and said they would rather watch a commercial than the movie because the movie is just one big commercial.


Advertising has to change so it will not look like a theft. 


5 Things That I've learned:

Ads track using pixel tracking.

Ghostery exists.

BlueKai is one of the largest auction marketplace.

OkCupid is a dating website.

The Guardian has a paid subscription for ad free.


5 Integrative Questions:

What is ad blocking?

What is theft?

How does theft happen in ad blocking?

How will the government prevent theft in ad blocking?

How can we prevent being tracked by these ads?


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