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Headline hype hurts in keyword crazed digital age

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Digital Ethics Book Project Reflection Format

Headline hype hurts in keyword crazed digital age

John D. Thomas

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012





First Impression:

I think it has something to do with search engine optimization.



"SEO means clearly placing certain key terms in a headline and in the body of an article so that an article can be easily found when someone does an online search for the topic of the article"


Reflection Proper:

The amount of internet articles is extravagant. Numerous articles are written per day and many of these are written by journalist who want to known because the popular you are, the more income you can get. So how can one get many readers? Here comes in the SEO or search engine optimization. This a a tool on making articles be searched by users easily. As of now, it is based on the title of the article, and content, as well as the link back to the article. Each search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing has their own set of rules on how they rank the searched items and a journalist would want the top link. There are numerous ways into reaching the top link, and one is SEO.


There are a lot of SEO companies that will help one to reach the top link, but there are some ways one can reach it without paying. Here lies the ethical problem, will I make my article in such a way it will reach the top link even though it does not make sense? Some people change their title just so they will reach the top link in certain keywords. One can also place certain phrases into the article proper just so they will reach the top link. Having a top link headline article is so important in journalism, that it can be a problem in the content part where we consumers rely on.



5 Things That I've learned:

Village Voice was a publishing company.

Search Engine Optimization is (SEO).

Google is a search engine.

Tags are what bots look for.

Search engine uses bots.


5 Integrative Questions:

What is SEO?

What is digital journalism?

How can SEO be not ethical?

How can publishing companies survive without SEO?

How can the government make sure the SEO is not biased?


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