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Corrections and Online News

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Digital Ethics Book Project Reflection Format

Corrections and Online News

John D. Thomas

January 24th, 2012



Correct! Online News?


First Impression:

I think it has something to do with corrections in the news.



"Chicago Tribune went through copy edit, and the word “their” was changed to “tits” when they actually meant to change it to “its.”"


Reflection Proper:

It is actually funny no one proof reads ones work. Words sometimes just flow through minds and we just keep writing. But this leads to a problem, many words just need a wrong typography and boom, viral. Just like Chicago Tribune, an extra "T" changed the whole meaning of the word and as funny as it may sound, it could lead to a poor rating or even a bad reputation for some. An editor is really important then. An editor checks on ones work and proof reads them. He makes sure that mistakes like those stated above does not happen. Given that technology has so much improved. Now we have text editors that highlight wrong spellings, we also have the technology of auto correct, there are online websites that grades ones grammar and still, we have subpar articles and many typos.


Now on the news end, due to the amass number of news that we have, it tends to have some errors in some articles and these news websites make corrections on their articles. Sometimes it is the consumers of this websites that see the errors and they report it. It is funny because we as consumers expect that these journalist to write perfect well grammared article but it is sometimes us who correct them. Then there are what the online community call as "grammar nazi" who is like an English teacher. He proof reads every single word one types then scrutinize ones grammar expecting everyone to be an English major with the PHD in English literature with proficiency of Shakespeare. But that aside, the ethical problem the article showed is that some websites do not show their corrections. I personally do not see that as a problem.


5 Things That I've learned:

Websites correct their mistakes.

Consumers usually correct the articles.

CNN has a /corrections but it doesn't work.

Fox News does not have corrections page.

Fox News Twitter is not legit.


5 Integrative Questions:

What is online news?

What are corrections online new have?

How can online news prevent errors?

How can corrections change the article?

How is it there are still errors in articles?


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