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Comments and Censorship

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Digital Ethics Book Project Reflection Format

Comments and Censorship

John D. Thomas

Friday, June 3rd, 2011



CENSOR the comments


First Impression:

I think it has something to do with censorship in comments.



"'Have you ever seen a black person on The Jetsons? No. Looks like a good future doesn’t it?'"


Reflection Proper:

The comment section is actually my favorite part of an article. It shows who read the article, it also shows what people are thinking about. For me it is the funny section or sometimes the sad section or even at times the heated section. People share stories about their experiences and we can see sad stories and sometimes happy stories. But there are times, people just bash each other like cave men trying to fight over a rock or something not of value. People call each other names and even words one would not dare to say in public. Just because one is online does not make you a bigger man, but it actually makes people bolder and heated arguments can lead to bad image. The problem lies in the lack of regulation in the comments section. Big websites where many handle the system have people who are designated as admins who will check and regulate the section, but small companies with few men can only have some. So now we think, censoring and regulating the comments section is a good thing, but what if the website is biased upon certain stuff. Will the website regulate what people say if it against their opinion? Here is the ethical problem that should be addressed. How far does regulation and censorship go as per website? Who controls this? Does the government  have a say in this? Many things still need to be discussed. Because we live in a society that states democracy should be the norm, therefore, we have so many laws and acts that hard to follow because this hinders this and hinders that so it really is hard to know who will censor or who will regulate.


5 Things That I've learned:

Censorship is a thing outside communism.

Some websites do censor their comments.

CNN turn off their comments so no more censorship.

Times have weird FAQs in their comments regulation thing.

Censorship is hard.


5 Integrative Questions:

What is censorship?

What are censored comments?

How can someone regulate all the comments?

How far does regulation and censorship go?

How can government keep check on censorship?

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