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Fraud in the online age

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Digital Ethics Book Project Reflection Format


Fraud in the online age

John D. Thomas

Friday, May 8th, 2015



Fraud in the online age


First Impression:

The article is about the cons of the internet. It is about how the internet has increased the possibility of crime such as fraud. The websites that were enumerated in the article were websites that I have never heard of and will not use for those sites are frowned upon.



“I doubt these kinds of businesses are going away anytime soon. Actually, I can see them getting more and more sophisticated about avoiding detection as they become scrutinized more closely.”



The internet is a big deal in the world right now. It helps us store our files. It connects us globally and makes communication easier. It is where most of us get our knowledge. It gives us answers to our questions and many more.

The article I read was with reference to online fraud. It was with reference to the websites that offer services in the nature of doing your Homework, Projects even resumes. This article is very informative especially with reference to the HR heads that are in charge of recruiting employees. It is acceptable that students cheat or ask help, but to make others do your resume is something that should alarm us. It makes me sad in to that these sites are up and profiting. It also baffles me on how easy it is to have these kinds of websites in the internet. I guess it’s understandable to see others try to make money, but in order to support fraud is something different. 

This article makes us more vigilant with fraud. It shows how the internet paves ways for people in order to cheat. This article enlightens us in regards to how people will use money in order to shortcut their way instead of learning and working hard. This article emphasizes in regards to how many of us are getting lazy in order to work for our success.  This article opens our eyes and helps us realize that the internet has its cons and if given in order to the wrong people can help in breaking multiple laws. 


5 things I’ve learned:

The internet is a very iffy place.

The internet can always help us, but not all of them are honest.

I should always be alert with the internet’s capability.

Everyone is not honest.

Not everyone is willing to work hard for their success.


5 integrative questions:

What is fraud? 

What can we do to avoid fraud? 

How can we stop fraud? 

How can we make the internet a safer place?

How can we take down these kinds of websites? 

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