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Social Media Strategies for Complaining

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Digital Ethics Book Project 


Social Media Strategies for complaining

Nora Dunne 

Friday, June 27th, 2014



Social Media Strategies for complaining


First Impression:

It is about complaining online or venting out 



“But the most alluring reason for lodging a complaint on Twitter or Facebook is that social media is public.”



Complaining is a part of human nature. Most companies receive complaints from their services or products. Obviously no one likes entertaining negative comments, so most customer relations employees try their best to avoid complaints. That’s why customers also avoid products that could be faulty in the future.


Online complaining has made a big impact on businesses. When people would complain before most companies wouldn’t mind it because they have thousands of customers and losing one won’t be a big deal. But ever since the rise of Facebook, most businesses became more active towards dealing with their customers. The spread of online complaining was like wildfire and it made businesses more cautious with their actions. Of course not all posts about businesses are negative and positive comments would also attract multiple customers. That’s why not all business hate the social media.


This article made me realize the power of words. This also made me see the power of numbers and how it can affect the actions of businesses. The more people that support your claim, the more chances of getting a solution to your problem. This article shows us the positive effect of social media to the world. This article gave me a realization on how we can utilize the internet in a positive way. 


5 things that I’ve learned:

Most businesses take complaints more seriously now compared to before 

The internet also had a big impact on businesses

Facebook is a big factor for helping the world connect to one another 

The internet is very powerful 

The internet is useful 


5 questions:

What can we do to make online complains honest? 

What are other ways to utilize the internet?

How can we control online complaining? 

How are customers affected by the internet?

How can we control the power of the internet?

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