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Code of Ethics for Online Reviewing

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Digital Ethics Book Project Reflection


Code of Ethics for Online Reviewing

Holly Richmond

Monday, June 23rd, 2014



Online Reviewing?


First impression:

 The article is about websites that offer reviews on businesses



 “At the risk of sounding overdramatic, these are real people here; real families’ livelihoods are at stake.”



Reviews used to be in the newspaper and not everyone could review a certain place. Reviews are mostly for restaurants and resorts. Most critics are professional, hence their opinions are high trusted and respected. Reviews help business earn more and is sometimes the selling point of their business.


The rise of the internet has paved a new way of reviewing businesses. Certain apps paved ways for civilians like us to review businesses we’ve tried. Yelp is one of the apps that allow civilians to review businesses. It so amusing because we don’t even know the factors that affect a good business. Most reviews are biased and one sided. Most people have now trusted this app and most businesses are now taking it seriously. This just goes to show how powerful something is if you have a numerous amount of supporters.

The internet is very powerful and its connection is big. That’s why I’m not surprised on how big the impact of the internet is on our world. Yelp is an innovating app, but the effects of it could be huge. Just like what the quote said, these are real businesses that families rely on to live. I guess its better if we stop making apps like these and leave it to professionals that will give just and fair ratings. We all want to be heard and we all want our opinion to be trusted, but most of us don’t see the consequences of having control over someone’s business.


5 things that I’ve learned:

Even the little things can affect someone or something in a big way.

Everybody matters.

The world is not always fair

We must all learn to think about our actions

We should use the internet wisely


5 integrative questions:

What are the other apps that are like this?

What can we do to make these kinds of apps fair?

How can we educate people with the effects of these type of apps?

How can we help others with these apps?

How can we make promote honesty?


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