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Is sting tweeting ethical

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Digital Ethics Book Project Reflection 


Is sting tweeting ethical?

Noah Berlatsky 

Monday, June 9th, 2014



Is sting tweeting ethical


First Impressions:

This article is about tweeting.



 “The PGPD said that they had announced the live-tweeting as a way to scare off johns, and when they made no arrests, they said that the tactic had worked.” 



I still remember when twitter was just starting out. Most of the users of it were teenagers and young adults. Twitter was the snapchat before. Twitter has a 150 text limit and is live feed. Most of the twitter post before were about feelings of the users and their opinions. The twitter ruled by teenagers and cool kids.


Twitter right now is being used by everyone. It has this thing called live streaming where you tweet everything as it is happening. It is like listening to a live basketball game through the radio but instead of listening, you read and instead of imagine, you view the pictures. One of the examples on how powerful the internet can be. It is one of the ways we utilize social media and how we spread information fast. This is a perfect epitome with how the society is accepting the use of the internet and how we are advancing globally.

The twitter is one of the most expensive social media applications in the world. Seeing it being used as a resource for knowledge is truly wonderful because it shows how we value knowledge. Seeing adults use these kinds of apps is great because it shows how they are adapting to the advancement of technology and how they have accepted the rise of the internet. 


5 things that I’ve learned:

Twitter is being utilized by the media

Most entertainment businesses are utilizing the internet 

Even the government use social media 

Social media is a big help in our society 

Twitter is an expensive company 


5 Integrative questions:

What will be the next billion dollar idea? 

What can we do to utilize twitter properly?

How can we educate the users of twitter?

How can this help make the internet safer?

How will this affect our future?

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