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Filtering Free Speech in Libraries

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Digital Ethics Book Project Reflection Format


Filtering Free Speech in Libraries

John D. Thomas

Friday, May 24th, 2013



Free Speech for Real?


First Impressions:

I think the article is about hindering the youth from accessing pornographic material and materials that may corrupt a child's mind in public computers most commonly found in libraries 



He’s already a very inquisitive child with a willful mind of his own, and I can only imagine some of the dark roads of the information superhighway he is going to roar down. 



Reflection Proper:

I think the issue brought up by the concerned parents is valid. I myself did not know that public libraries previously did not apply any firewall, blocks and filtering system in their computers. At the beginning, the parent had a really good point. That porn sites should not be allowed to be accessed from a public computer, because kids can easily get to them and access porn and other dangerous materials. But somewhere in the essay he started to believe that it was okay for kids to be exposed to these things to not hinder their growth as an individual. And so as not to limit the amount of information that is made known to them.


Unfortunately, I did agree with the opinion of the writer. Because I believe it is safer for minors not to be exposed to all these materials at such a young age. Yes, I agree that eventually they will find out about it, but the psychological damage it will put on a minors that do not know how to process such information is detrimental to his future. That is why we have so many minors today that see certain things in different ways. Because at a young age they were exposed to such material and no one knew what had happened, so no one properly explained to him how to process it. I believe all public computers must be installed with filtering systems specially for the minors. And as well as limited time allotted for minors to use computers so as not to endanger their health and minds.



5 Things That I've learned:

 Public libraries do not have filtering systems.

Public libraries actually had computers.

The filtering system only filters porn, but not ill written materials.

That the CIPA existed.

That the CIPA was applied to all public computers.


5 Integrative Questions:

What is CIPA?

What are the libraries that allow adult content to be viewed by minors?

How do you stop kids from accessing adult sites?

How do we educate the minors of the things they see online?

How do we apply CIPA on a nation wide basis? 


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